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Could You Make It as a Server in the Restaurant Business?
It's a hard job sometimes... Do you have what it takes?
personality test

1When you go out to eat, what's your usual tipping policy?
15% no matter how good/bad the service.
20% always... it's a hard job!
10% if you suck, 15% if you're ok, 20% or more if you rock!
Tip? What's a tip?
Oh, whatever change I might have leftover.
2Do you like people?
I HATE people. They suck donkey balls.
They're great! I love people!
I don't know any people...
People in general are alright.
3Are you good at hiding your emotions?
Yes, very.
No, I let it all hang out!
Sometimes. Depends.
Yes, of course! I'm an excellent actor!
Man, I'd slap that bitch...
4Are you clumsy?
A little.
Yes, I'm always dropping things.
Never. I have perfect balance.
5If one of your co-workers does something to piss you off, what do you do?
I ignore it. I'm here for my customers, not my co-workers.
Talk to them about it later if necessary.
Tell them off in front of EVERYONE.
Act like it was the funniest thing you'd ever heard and move on.
Again... I'd slap that bitch...
6What's the usual reaction you get when meeting new people?
They run away!!!
I usually can become friends easily.
I tend to scare them away with my dark eyeliner and black lipstick.
We hit it off most of the time.
I'm nice, but I don't talk too much unless they want to talk.
Yes, all the time, even if I'm upset!
I don't smile. I glare.
Smiling makes me... smile... ^^
8Do you mind walking all day?
Not really.
Yes, I want to sit on my ass.
I don't mind it, but I'd rather sit.
My feet hurt right now...
I can deal with it.
9Do you play well with others?
*smacks you*
Yes, I get along with everyone.
Depends on the game.
Get out of my sandbox!!!!
10Do you drink regularly?
Yes, I'm drunk every night.
Not really.
Yes, but not to excess.
No! Alcohol is the devil!
I don't remember...
11Do you have a problem with authority?
Yes, but I don't let it show.
Yes, nobody tells ME what to do.
Not really. I don't mind it.
Doesn't everyone?
I AM authority!
12Do you hold a grudge against someone easily?
No. I'll let it go.
Yes, if they made me angry enough.
Yes, but I don't let it show.
Everyone makes mistakes, so no.
Once again... I'd slap that bitch...

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