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Which musical is most like your life?
Which of my favorite musicals are you?
personality test

1Who is most likely to capture your heart?
A scholarly person who likes to revolt.
Someone who plays hard to get.
Someone who plays by the rules.
A gorgeous boy in pumps.
2When something goes wrong in your life, what do you do?
Storm the streets in a violent rage.
Smoke a joint, drink some booze, and write a song on your guitar.
Throw a big party with all of your friends.
Dress up like a member of the opposite sex and sing your heart out.
3If the person you love turns you down, what do you do?
Befriend them anyways and help them get with the person they`re really into.
Show up at their door in a pair of neon vinyl pants.
Force them to be with you against their will.
You don`t have any problem getting the person you wan`t, it`s the parents that are against the whole thing.
4If you were suddenly to burst out in song at anytime, what would you most likely sing?
A depressing ballad.
A rockin` verse about your everday perils.
An offbeat song that would turn a few heads.
Something that a real diva can lip sing to.

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