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(Ladies) Which celebrity should you end up with?
Take this quiz to see which guy you belong with.
personality test

1On a first date, where would you prefer to go?
Dinner & Movie
Go to the fair, maybe make fun of some carnies...
Go out for drinks
Go to a social gathering of some kind, mainly with the older crowd.
2What would you be willing to do on a first date?
Horse around, tease each other.
Shag baby! It`s only sex!
Maybe just a goodnight smootch
Depends on how tired you are by the end of the night, but you just do what you feel if the mood is right.
3What do you want most in a guy?
He HAS to be funny.
A bit of everything, really.
I like them older and more mature...
If he can be wild and show me a good time, anytime!
4Do looks really matter?
Nah, I don`t think they`re that important if he can be entertaining.
For first impressions yes, but when you really like someone, they become more attractive to you.
They certainly do!
I like that he at least be a little bit attractive...I can`t really see being attracted to him in the first place, otherwise...

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