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Which Tori Amos song are you?
You know you`re curious.
personality test

1What are you wearing?
My work uniform.
My peach party dress.
Buttons that have forgotten they`re buttons.
Jeans of yours with her name still on it.
2What`s your favorite activity?
Running after boys.
Driving on the vine.
Picking cherries.
Chasing nuns.
3What`s your favorite food?
Club sandwich.
Ice Cream. Charles Manson`s favorite.
Nicotine patches.
4It`s a party! Where are you?
Hanging out with the Dream King.
Wondering where the pretty girls are.
Counting the tears of 10,000 men.
Plotting a murder.
Wearing your naughties.
5That girl is pissing you off. What do you do?
I won`t say anything.
Punch her in the nose.
I believe in peace, bitch.
She`s just pieces of me you`ve never seen.
Kill her. It`s kind of a shame, you did like that dress.
6He`s breaking up with you. Your response?
You don`t really mean it.
I think it`s that girl.
Do we soon forget the things we cannot see?
This is not really happening.
Boy, you`d best pray that I bleed real soon.
7Go ahead. Pick your favorite religious reference.
I got the antichrist in the kitchen yelling at me again.
Maybe next I`ll give Judas a try.
They say Confucius does he crossword with a pen.
So you can make me *** that doesn`t make you Jesus.
Show me the way to get back to the garden.

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