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Would you survive death pt. 2- The Truth?
You will know everything you need to.
personality test

1You have to find out what has happened! Where will you go?
The library
A house to ask someone
My arch enemy's house
2You got your information! You need to see this guy named Lee Alberston. But first you have to pack. He lives in China.
Bring food, clothes, games, water, and money
Bring food and clothes
Bring games
3Which plane are you going on? You have no idea so you have to guess.
4You get on the plane. You stay on for 6 days. Finally you're above China!
I don't care
5The planes bumpy! You go to the pilot and he's dead! The plane's hurdling to the ground! There are 10 parachutes! But there are 11 people!
Take the first parachute and dive!
Help the little kids first. Leave the oldest behind.
Let them all take a parachute. It's a risk, their lives are more special.
6You take a parachute. One of the other guys sacrificed themselves. You open your parachute- But it won't open!
Use the back up parachute!
Grab on to some else
Hope you survive
7You land safely in China. Now to find Lee. You look when you finally see his apartment. His window's open and you can see a dark purple shade inside the room.
I'll go inside. I need information.
Maybe for a second....
Hell no!
8You end up in the room. Lee is an old man sitting at the desk. He has a skull on the right of his desk. He says, " I've been expecting you, what do you want to ask me first?
"Who's hunting me?"
"Why me?"
"Get me out of here!"
9"His name is Jaguar. He is a master of darkness. He wants you because you are special."
"How am I special?"
"What does he look like?"
"Help! Get me out!"
10" No one knows why people are special. Some people are born with it, some get it. He looks like a black demon, he has skeleton wings that he flies with. With razor sharp teeth and razor sharp claws..."
"Why did I wake up one day in a psycho prison?"
"Finish your sentence please."
"Help! He's going to kill me! Help!"
11"... He can't be beat, and you woke up in a crazy house because.... I'm guessing it was some kind of test?"
"Thank you I'll be leaving now."
"Thanks, bye!"
You run to the door eager to get out.

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