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Do you really like him?
You say you like someone, but do you really?
trivia quiz

1How do you feel when you see him?
I don't feel anything
I guess I get a little happy, but just a little
I get this feeling that I never had before
2Do you think about him?
No I don't have any time for him
Yes I think about him every day
I only think about him for a minute
3If he didn't go to school, would you be worried?
Yes I would be very worried
No, because he might just be skipping school
No, because he doesn't care when I'm not at school
4When you thought that you lost him, what did you do?
I didn't do anything
I went to a party with my girls and hooked up with some guy
I couldn't eat, sleep, think, but all I could do was cry
5Do you trust him?
Yes I trust him with my whole heart
No, because he lied to me before
I trust him sometimes
6What would you do if they weren't ready for a relationship?
I would start looking for someone that was ready for one
I would wait until he's ready
Tell him that he's stupid for saying that he's not ready
7Would you ever lie to him?
Yes I would
Maybe if I didn't want to tell him the truth about something
No I would never lie to him about anything
8Do you feel safe when you're in his arms?
Yes I feel safe when I'm in his arms. It's like I never want to leave him
Just a little
No I feel safe in my room
9Do you care about him?
No I don't care about him in that way
Yes I really do care about him
10Would you ever hurt him?
I'm not really sure
No I would never hurt him
I would try really hard not to hurt him
11Did you ever hurt him?
Yes I did, and I didn't really care
Yes, but I didn't mean to
I hurt him all the time
12When you kissed him, did you feel anything?
Yes, and it was the best feeling I ever had
All I felt was his lips, and that's it
No I didn't feel anything
13How do you feel when you hear his voice?
Every time I hear his voice I get happy no matter what mood I'm in
I don't feel anything
14Do you think that he is worth it?
No I really don't think that he is worth it
I'm not sure yet
Yes he's worth it
15Would you ever give anything up to be with him?
Not sure
Yes I would give up anything just to be with him
No I would never give up anything for any guy

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