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What`s your pimped out ghetto thug weapon?
The title says it all
personality test

1The cops are after you on a busy street, what do you do?
Run the opposite direction as traffic dodging cars
Carjack the nearest fast car you see
Kill everyone in sight, hoping to at least go out with 53 counts of homicide
Take a hostage and run into the nearest small building.
2Your clothes are bloodstained from running away from the cops, what do you do?
Casually walk into a shop and buy new clothes, acting as if nothing were wrong
Kill someone and steal their clothes
Run naked through the streets screaming about the meaning of life
3A drug dealer tries to rob you, what do you do?
Knock the bitch out with a single hit
Pull out the weapon closest to your hand and hope its a good one
Let him rob you and then kill him while he`s running away
4You`re in prison, how do you escape?
Kill all the guards and walk out the front door
Have your buddy smuggle you a weapon and run out killing anyone who dares opose you
Kill the guard outside your cell and sneak off quietly through the drainage system

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