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Which Rocky Horror Picture Show character are you?
Give yourself to the lips...
personality test

1Would you say you`re more of a leader, or a follower?
I do things my way, until my plans backfire. At that point, I sing a song, trying to tell the others to forgive me
I`m just 7 hours old....
I let time go by, but soon I have it my way
Usually, I treat others like an equal....but now we seem to drift
2Who/What`s your ideal sexual choice?
My brother/sister
3What`s your atire?
Tigh jeans and your leather vest
Gold hot pants
Maides outfit
Womans` lingerie
Your dress for church
4Of these quotes, which are you most likely to say?
"They didn`t like me! They never liked me!"
"You`re a hotdog!"
"It was great when it all began, I was a regular Franky fan"
"I see you shiver in such antici..........pation."
"My life is a misery!"
5How do you die?
Shot with a laser
Shot with a laser....while trying to save our creator
Killed by Frank with an Axe
I didn`t die, but got out before sent to Transexual, Transylvania
We didn`t, but the dead returned to Transexual, Transylvania with spirit anyway
6Have you seen Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Of course!
7Do you have any tattoo`s?
Yes. On my right arm.
Ofcourse not!
8Which of these are you most likely to do?
Catch the bouquet at a wedding
Run out of the room, after realizing that tonights dinner, was the remains of your lover
Build a man, with blonde hair and a tan....who`s good for realieving your....tension
Act like a low-down punk
Shoot your master with a laser
9Which Rocky Horror Picture Show song do you sing along to most?
The Time Warp
Sweet Transvestite
Hot Patootie
Over At The Frankenstein Place
Toucha-Toucha-Touch Me
10How did you end up at Franks mansion?
You`re his servants
You`re were his creation
You had a flat tire, while on your way to Dr. Scott`s
You were walking down the street, and he drove up in his truck
11How would you describe your voice?
Sexy, with a bit of an accent
You really only sang
Quiet and polite
Loud and abnoxious
Hi-pitch and annoying
12What`s the best way to descirbe your hair?
Nice and curly
Like Elvi`s
Almost like an afro
Blad with long blonde hair in the back
13And finally: Who seems to be your sidekick?
Rocky Horror
Riff Raff
Frank N Furter

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