If you were in the Star Wars saga, who would you be? Wise Yoda? Arrogant Anakin Skywalker? Perhaps bossy Leia Organa? Take the test and find out! (This quiz has been updated. Hopefully it will be more accurate, plus I've put in some pictures! Enjoy!) Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What Star Wars character are YOU??
If you were in the Star Wars saga, who would you be? Wise Yoda? Arrogant Anakin Skywalker? Perhaps bossy Leia Organa? Take the test and find out! (This quiz has been updated. Hopefully it will be more (more)
personality test

1Which word best describes you?
Headstrong or stubborn
2What is your weapon of choice?
Nothing can match a good blaster.
My space station!
Weapons? Why use weapons when I have the force?
My weapon is my diplomatic power.
All the weapons I need are already on me.
I don`t like fighting, so none.
Fighting?! Get me out of here!
3Are you spiritual/religious?
Yes, I believe in a One true God.
Yes, I believe in an all-powerful force that`s inside me and all around me.
I don`t really think much about it.
No way, there`s only luck.
Uh, that`s not really possible for me.
4Where would you rather live?
Tatooine, it`s so nice and hot there!
Naboo, it`s beautiful and mild.
Coruscant, I like living in the city.
Alderaan, if it was still there...
Dagobah, it`s secluded and quiet.
I like living on the Death Star.
It doesn`t really matter, I go everywhere.
5If somebody you love was being attacked by Sand People, what would you do?
Slaughter them all! They`re animals!
Try and negotiate with them, and if that doesn`t work, protect the one you love.
Do what you must.
Sand People? Eh, let them do whatever they want. I don`t care.
Sand people?! Run away!!!!
Use my diplomatic wit to outsmart them.
Use the force to mind trick them, duh.
Shock them!
I`d be the one being attacked, probably.
6You have beaten a sworn enemy, and have them as prisoner. Would you kill him/her?
*hesitating* I shouldn`t...
No way, that`s against the Jedi Order!
No, I`d let them go to trial.
I`d blast him, unless there`s something in it for me.
Me? Beat some one? Hahaha!
No, I`d show him mercy and leave them alone.
Hmm, I don`t think fighting is in my programming.
7When working on an important mission, how do you go about things?
Forcefully and loudly.
Secretively and sneakily.
I use my diplomatic power to ensure my safety, so I can go about things without hiding.
I just follow my companions.
I don`t do important missions, not if I can help it, thanks.
8What`s the worst thing to happen?
Getting a body part cut off...or it falling off.
Being a slave to an evil guy.
Losing some one you love.
Having your home destroyed.
Losing sight of all that is good and turning to the evil you swore to destroy.
Having to hang around wackos I don`t like very much.
9Do you have a friend you would die for?
I don`t have friends.
10What`s your favorite color? (I just HAD to put it in.)
I think gold is quite ravishing.
Hmm, I like orange.
Hmm, I like red.
Let`s see...maybe green.
Tan, brown, you know, neutral colors.
White, I look good in white.
None of the above
11Last question, did you enjoy this quiz? (Answer will not affect outcome.)
Yeah, it was cool!
I`m not estatic about it, but it was alright.
Is it over yet?
*Zzzzz* Oh, sorry, I was asleep.
I`ve seen better.
It was BAD.
I`d rather jump off a plane without a parachute than do that quiz again.
I have no opinion.

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