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What Horror Movie Creature/Killer Are You???
You are....
personality test

1What`s your weapon of choice???
A long swoard like object
Your mind/Possesion Skills
Blades on Your Fingers
2Who`s your biggest enemy???
Anyone who watchs that video tape
The street of Elm
Anyone who returns to my childhood camp
My sister
3What`s your body like???
Made of rubber
A guess normal
Depends on who I posess<winks>
4What`s your dating status like???
I used to rape little girls, does that count?
I use my trusty crucifix
Dating...but she shall be dead soon
I saw my sisters boobs once, right before I killed her
My wife Tiff is great...but she`s got issues. Good cook though
5What do you wear most often???
A dress-like rope
My Good Guy overalls
Red and Green Sweater
Giant jumpsuite!
Again, depends who I posess
6Which of your horror movies was best???
The original
The sequals
The one where I faught another random serial killer
The Foreign version
I only made one
7If you wear one, what does your mask look like???
I don`t wear one, but I could use one for my burnt face
Pale White ghost face
I wear a Valentine`s day mask
Hockey mask
Scary face with a big black mouth
8If you don`t where a mask, what does it look like normally??? my puke
My hair`s always in the way
Burnt as if I just escaped Hell
It`s all stiched up
I wear a mask...duh!
9Where`s your usual setting when killing???
Wherever they are...7 days after they see my tape
Elm Street
Where ever Sydney Prescout happens to be
My childhood Camp
At a Valentines Day Party
10What`s your favorite type of Scary Movie???
Ones like Freddy VS Jason
Movies about Posession and weird Crap like that
Movies about Revenge
Ones with dolls
Movies that are just downright SCARY!

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