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Which Pokemon are you most like?
Always been curious which pokemon you are are you bored then this is just the thing for you!
personality test

1what type is your fave?
2Your fighting a really strong foe you`ve never seen before you use your strongest attack what would it be?
A scorching fire blast
A life draining Giga Drain
A soaking wet Hydro pump
A shocking Thunder
A powerful Crunch
A high flying Sky Attack
A beautiful silver wind
A cool Psychic
Feel the power....OUTRAGE!!!!
3Your the weakest member of your team your thought is....
They can help me
Show them my skills are more worthy then thiers
So what I dont like violence
YES!!!!That means I dont have to fight!!!
What!?! (Talking to self)Let us plot my REVENGE!
Fight the second to weakest and win so you dont look like a total wimp
Look cool Its all good
KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!
Show them your really good too
WHAT!??!!!!!!!!!!? NO WAY IM SO MUCH STRONGER THEN THESE DOPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4No!.....Wait..... you are strongest what do you think now?
Now I can help those weaker then me(its all a balance)
Show them ALL my moves
Sure........But like I said I will not engage in violence
Run off alone somewhere and CEL-E-BRATE!!!!!!!!
Cool now...."OH NO my trap i better....(Crashing sounds) Oops
Still look cool but nod to your bud
Gives me a better reason to KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!
Share your skills.....the weak stuff
Was there ever any doubt?
5How many friends do you have
9-13 mostly my boy/girl friends
1 or 2 my trianing buds
20+ My domain is FULL!
Ive got them all...literaly
3-5 They say I`m boring
0...1 if I`m lucky Im always moving
2 and only 2 (their a little prissy if you know what I mean)
0 Everyone says I kill to much
Alot but we dont act like like it
0 no one lives near me to by friend
6What do you do in your free time?
A bit of this a smidge of that
Train... I never stop
Swim DUH!!!!!!!!!
Hang with my friends
Race around
Help those "Less fortunate"
Fly around grab a snack
Have a KILLING contest with someone
Everything I have nothing bu free time
7A trainer holding a Pokeball nears you you dont want to be caught so you.....
Warn them they can be cursed
Fight them youve got what it takes
Change their emotions then run
You want to be caught
Slowly summon your powers then STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Run they`ll think you vanished magicly
Fly up till your out of sight
KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teleport away Duh!!!!
Do nothing your big they`ll run
8Your trainer realeses you so you.....
Curse him with a 1,000 year curse
Knock him down and run countinuosly looking back
change his feelings so he`ll want you
Beg and Plead to come back
Run off quietly without looking back
Stand and stare when he looks away run
Fly backwards giving him the your dead when I see you again sign
KILL HIM YOUR MAD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teleport behind something to watcc him leave
KILL HIM OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9You need to train alone where might you go?
Somewhere like a mountain plains
a random area any wher as long as your alone
A lake
A ridgey place during a storm
Somewhere dark
A peaceful field with a tree here or there
Deep in the forest
In a secret cursed temple
In the clouds
10What pokemon do you favor most?
Arcanine and Rapidash
Roserade and Cacturne
Seaking and Dewgong
Raichu and Electabuzz
Houndoom and Mightyena
Pidgeot and Xatu
Butterfree and Dustox
Hypno and Gardevior
Salamence and Flygon

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