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Which type of dragon are you?
Yes, there are different types. So which one are you? Find out here!
personality test

1What is your favorite season?
2You find out your best friend just broke your favorite CD, what do you do?
What?! That f-ckers gonna die!
I tell him/her that it`s ok, even though inside I`m dying to punch him/her.
I tell him/her I don`t care, then start bragging about one of my better features.
I totally ignore him/her for like, 3 days.
I care for my friends too deeply to care about something as silly as a little old CD.
That was my most prized possession.... HOW COULD YOU?!?!?
I don`t care too much, possessions aren`t everything
3What is your best feature out of these?
There`s nothing special about me.
It`s my jewelry/bling of course!
You know what? F-CK YOU!!!
I like my surroundings better than my features
My prized possession is more important than looks!
My imagination.
I`m so fun to be with!
4Do you pay attention when someone is talking to you?
What people have to say is very important to me.
I don`t care about people`s opinions, they will all die anyway!
I`m sorry, did you say something?
Enough talk about you, let`s talk about me!
I don`t socialize very often
5Out of these, which do you like the best?
The moon
Shiny things
The ocean
Whatever I hold dear to me
My friends
I hate everything with a passion.

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