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Will you live when zombie dogz come to an outbreak?
dogz (e)
personality test

1you hear on tv that the nearby pound has the virus that they gave to the dogs for rabies not knowing what was in it your reaction is ........
laugh at it!
grab a gun
2there after you and all you know you can get to safty is a cage big enough to get in and small enough to keep paws out and teeth out.....wat do you do?
stay in it for safty
run for your life=[
3your dog is a z.d.=zombie dog=and you
try to tell its you and knok some sense into it
shoot him/her
4you go to a build ing you find out it is the pound and cages are hanging with meat and suddenly a z.d. geram shepard cmes out and theres a cuonter 5 feet high what do you do and your out of bullets
jump in to the over the counter
jump in to a cage
5you happen to go to a .............
building top wait for its over
scarafice myself
6turn out there where a 900,00,00 dogs left in that one city but you see the lead z.d which is a 8 foot great dane the dogs follow anything that he does
you lure the zd in to a trap with fresh human flesh
flip off the roof then try to shoot the dog but you for got about that ther is no grapple gun!
7the building you lured all the dogs and the great dane that you thought you killed follows you 12 feet away all the way to the roof top (the zd regenerrated)
try to find the dogz weak spot withen 2 seconds
let it lungh toward u thanuse ur grapple gun and jump off the building with most of them dead
(this is for that option...dont click this one though)from jumping after you and falling to the gro

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