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What do you know about bears? Test your knowledge
Answer the questions to see how much you know about bears.
personality test

1This question, and several others, will be on the American Black Bear. (Ursus Americanus) The question is: What type of diet does this bear have?
Carnivorous (Only eats meat, nothing else)
Herbivorous (Only eats plants [fruits, vegetables, grains, ect] nothing else)
Omnivorous (eats both meat and plants, and sometimes fungus)
2In comparison with other types of bears in terms of size, where does the American black bear stand?
There are larger types of bears than American black bears
American Black Bears are some of the largest bears in the world
American black bears are medium sized in comparison with other types of bears
3Can the American Black Bear climb trees?
Yes, but not usually higher than 30 feet off the ground
4Are Spirit Bears completely different from Black Bears?
Yes, they`re an extremely different species!
No, they`re just a subspecies of Black Bear that`s not ablino and not related to Polar Bears
5What does it mean if an American Black Bear develops brown fur?
It`s a grizzly bear in disguise!
It could just be a mutation, not all bears are the same color.
Bears have different coats for different seasons, it`s not unusual.
6This question, and several others, will be on Brown Bears (Ursus arctos) The question is: In comparison to other bears in terms of size, where do Brown Bears stand?
Brown bears are largest bears in the world!
Brown Bears are larger than black bears but smaller than Polar Bears
Brown Bears are the smallest bears, where do you think Teddy Bears came from?
7What`s a Brown Bear`s favorite food?
Wild animals
8What do you do if a Brown Bear is charging at you?
Make lots of noise and run!
Don`t panick, quickly look for certain things, the bear may be bluffing
9How fast are Brown Bears?
Moderately fast, about as fast as a dog
Slow, you can easily outrun one
Extremely fast, they can run faster than a cheetah
Very fast, just as fast as a bison 25-35 mph
10Which can eat more food: A Brown Bear or 10 humans?
10 humans
A Brown Bear
11This question, and several others will be about Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus) The question is: What does a polar bear`s diet mainly consist of?
Omnivorous (eats both meat and plants, sometimes fungus)
Herbivorous (eats only plants)
Carnivore (Eats only meat)
12You should never eat the kidneys or liver of a polar bear. Why is this?
They`re full of bacteria
They don`t taste very good
They will poison you because of their high vitimin A content
13Pretend you`re alone in a wilderness that has polar bears. Would it be better for you to see the Polar Bear first, or the Polar Bear to see you?
It would be better for the Polar Bear to see me, that way it wouldn`t become suprised and attack
It would be better for me to see the Polar Bear, otherwise it would pounce on me
14What color skin does a Polar Bear have?
15What color fur do Polar Bears have?
16This question, and several others will be on general bear knowledge. The question is: Are there bears in South America?
17Which of the five senses is stronger in bears?
18Can bears swim?
19When in bear country, is it ever a good idea to put parts of your body into a river?
Yes, it gets off your origional scent so the bears can`t smell you
No, it makes you smell like fish, which attracts bears
20How long do cubs usually stay with the mother bear?
10 years
5 years
1 year
3 years

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