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What type of insect are you?
Let`s see what the almightly Bug Lady has to say...
personality test

1At school, who are you/were you most likely to be?
The bookworm/computer geek
The jock
The prep
The artist
The loser
2You are thinking of ideas for your birthday party. What comes to mind first?
Waterslide world, woohoo!
A seance
Just a big get together with all my friends
Laser tag, mua ha ha ha haaa
Just a few close friends, for some intelligent conversation
3What is your favorite food?
I prefer exotic foods, I love trying new things.
PIZZA!!! And if you don`t like it, you die.
I don`t care. Whatever is in the fridge.
Anything sweet and full of sugar!
I like all food!
4If you won a million dollars, what would you buy?
An awesome new computer
Weapons. Oooo shiny knives hehehehehe.
Some canvas and expensive art supplies.
I`ll donate most of it to charity.
5What do you look for in a significant other?
Someone with a nice butt, of course!
Someone with deep, knowing eyes.
Someone that can handle my anger outbursts.
Someone nice that is easy to get along with.
Someone that can really bring out the best in me.
6How do you feel about this quiz?
It was ok. I had fun.
It was so lame I want to hunt down whoever made it and beat them.
I am too hyped up on mountain dew to care.
It was an interesting experience.
I should have been doing something else.

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