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Do you like Science?
Are you a science whiz or not?? (e)
personality test

1You walk in to science class on the first day and find out your teacher raised the grading curve by 10% (70%=F not 50%) what would you do??
Try as hard as you normally would, if you do it doesn`t effect you grade at all!
At first you freak out.. get a few F`s..Then you acutally try and get some good grades!
Go with the flow...
Screw it! science doesn`t matter!
2You get an F on your first test what do you do??
Freak out and dont try to get a good grade on the next one. you dont care science is stupid!
Try even harder on the next test! you must get an A!
You will try but if yu don`t know the answer its no big deal.
3You get an A on a test for the First time ever on a Science test! what do you do??
I always get A`s on my science tests!
An A? cool...Science sucks and now I can get even more F`s because I got an A
Try to get an A on the next test but don`t... thats okay with you a B is still a good grade!

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