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What kind of learner are you?
Yeah - find out what kind of learner you are. (not particularly fun)
personality test

1In your interactions with people, what affects you most?
The way they look
What they say
What they make you feel
Duh!! I eat cheese
2When you want to show appreciation of someone, do you first:
Tell them
Give them a hug
3If you are angry, do you:
Quietly seethe
Say angry things
Stamp or kick or storm about
4Do memories tend to be dominated by:
Beautiful things you have seen
Things people have said and things you have heard
5In your spare time, you prefer to:
Watch TV or go to the movies
Listen to music, radio or read books
Do something athletic, physical or using your hands
Pick your nose
6What you notice most about people is:
How they look or dress
How they sound when they talk
How they move
If they have big ears
7You learn most easily when you
See someone demonstrate what to do
Get verbal instructions
get `hands on` experience
Are asleep
8When finding your way around a new city, you tend to:
Use a map
Ask for directions
Trust your feelings about which way to go
Sit down and cry
9Your relationship with a partner: what really matters to you:
What you see in his/her face, or how he/she looks
What he/she says
What he/she actually does physically
If they can eat 1lb of cheese in under 2 minutes
10When you want to please your partner, do you:
Make things (including yourself) look good
Think of how to express your feelings in words
Express your feelings physically
See how much earwax you can retrieve from your ear

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