Have you ever wondered what type of lycanthrope you would be? This is an in-depth quiz to help you get an idea.  (e) Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What type of Werewolf are you?
Have you ever wondered what type of lycanthrope you would be? This is an in-depth quiz to help you get an idea. (e)
personality test

1Another werewolf has wandered into your territory and you are aware of their presence. You-
Wait for someone else to act. It is not your place to decide.
Go and solve the problem yourself. You`ll teach them to think twice about tresspassing!
Camly inform the others and then tell them the best way to handle the situation.
Hunt them down and kill them! It`s your territory and you will do anything to keep it that way!
Go to consult the other werewolf and tell them to leave, otherwise you will remove them by force.
2It turns out that the Lycan is hurt and doesn`t know where it is at. You-
You will help if you are told to, but you feel like it`s none of your business.
You don`t kow them, why should you have to help them? But you will if it is necessary.
You decide to help them. They may have valuable information.
Finish them off. They deserve such a fate for wandering into your territory!
Inform them they are in your territory and offer to help them just this once as long as they leave.
3Before anything can be done, the werewolf dies from it`s injuries. You-
Look onward, but don`t really care.
Curse to yourself, becoming rather angry about it.
Check to make sure they are dead and then look over their injuries to see what caused them.
Dispose of the remains with little interest. Too bad it wasn`t you that finished it off.
Leave them where they are and decided to investigate. It is your job to take action.
4Upon inspecting the area, you discover signs of what seems to be humans. You-
Become slightly worried. This could turn out badly, but someone will know what to do.
Spit on the ground. Damn humans! They ruin everything.
Alert the others and decide it would be best to leave the area. It would be safest to get away.
Track them down. You plan to kill every last one!
Tell the others and then form a plan that will best fit to your strengths. You will not run.
5The humans turn out to be Werewolf slayers and carry weapons that shoot silver bullets. You-
Stand back, but try to protect the others. You will not get involved unkess you have to.
Laugh! Now this sounds like a fight up to your standards! You`re ready to kick some hunter butt!
Analyze the situation and guickly form a plan that will not involve too much contact.
Charge in and attack! Those weak mortals will not kill you. It will be their blood on your claws!
Form ranks, some to attack and others to defend. This is your territory and you will not leave it!
6The slayers begin to fire and shoot one of your pack. The fallen werewolf crashes to the ground, dead. You-
Become angry, but remain in your position. You can pay the humans back later.
Become enraged! How dare they?! Then run into battle to get justice for your fallen bretheren!
Don`t let it take control of your mind. You keep a clear head and continue to fight.
Brutally atack and kill all the humans you can see. They will all pay!
Be furious, but it is not enough to get you into a blind rage. But you swear you will have justice.
7While fighting, you are shot. The pain is excrutiating! You-
Fall back. You are injured and can fight no longer.
Continue to fight in anger, but you will back down when you have to.
Quickly pull back and look at the damage. If you can`t fight, then you will help in another way.
Dig the bullet and out attack whoever the fool was that shot you!
Continue to fight. You may be injured, but it will not stop you!
8You manage to drive the humans back, but you know they will come back with more men and stringer weapons. You-
Let them leave. You will have time to think about what you are going to do.
Chase after them, scaring them off faster. If any stay, you can handle them!
Let them leavce and then emediatly decide whether or not to stay.l
Chase after and kill them all. None shall escape!
Watch them go and then decide what would be best for your pack. You will stay and fight if you can.
9As promised, the humans return in larger numbers and have more powerful weapons. You-
Flee, trying to protect the rest of the group as you all run.
Stay and fight for as long as you can, but when you are at your limit, you will fall back.
Advise the group that it would be safest to leave. You are too greatly outnumbered.
Stay and kill as many as you can! If you die, then you will take more than half of them out!
Stay and continue to fight! You will only pull back if you absolutely have to!
10Miracuously, you all manage to get away unscathed, but you have forfieted your territory. You-
Are just glad that everyone else is allright. Your pack is what matters.
Are bitter about it, but you faught hard, so you don`t have much to complain about.
Are not too worried about it. Everyone is safe and you can always find more territory.
Are furious! You swear that you will track them down and kill every last one of those thieving men!
Are severely angry about the loss, but you need to be a better example.
11This has nothing to do with anything, but what did you think? :)
It was alright... (Me: Thank you.)
It sucked. T_T (Me: Blah! >_<)
It was cool! (Me: Thank you very much! XD)
Um... I don`t know.... (Me: *Sigh*)
Just shut up and die! (Me: How rude! :P)

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