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Which generic smut novel character are you? (With somewhat relevant pictures!)
*heh*, not that I’d know enough about those filthy pieces of trash to know…
personality test

1Which of the following would you most likely say?
"Nonsense, Nana! You just don`t understand; I love him with the fiery passion of a thousand flaming stallions, kicking and bucking against a voluptuous, blazing red sunset."
"Most people think first and kill afterwards. With me, it`s the other way around."
"Oh! Oh, pardon me, sir. I`m so sorry! I didn`t mean to spill your pint; is there anything I can do to make up for it?"
"You see that crate over there? Yup. I can lift it. I can lift it even if it`s full of pigs. Iron pigs."
2Look in your closet. What do you see? ...after you move the body to the side?
Plenty of corsets and flimsy cotton gowns.
Some manly leather pants, but no shirts. They get in the way of my chest hair and the ladies.
Some standard boots, some standard working pants, some standard cotton shirts...
Pretty, sparkly gowns. With modestly plunging necklines, of course.
3What`s your specialty?
Well, we have hash browns and scrambled egg-- oh! Wait! You mean... *girlish giggling*
Grunting and lifting. Oh, and you can`t forget grunting while lifting.
Humph! As if my refined charm isn`t enough.
I can untie a 6 year-old`s shoes with my gun from two miles away, baby. *mannish grin*
4Choose a fitting name for yourself.
Scarlet Rose
Hope Charity
Danger McCoy
Chett O`Farley
5How would the narrator describe you?
"Cut to perfection, as if the very tip of Zeus` lightning bolt had given birth to his rippling, glistening body."
"Handsome and troubled, with a glint like a wild, untamed boar in his steely eyes."
"Velvety, like a delicate, luscious rose dipped in butter."
"She was well-educated and fertile, but hopelessly naive."

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