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What type of Goth are you?
What type of Goth are you? Don`t take it too seriously! (e)
personality test

1Do you like any "non-Goth" music .
No, for Goth is not defined by music!
Yeah, stuff like Rap and Hip Hop.
Goth Music! Goth Music! Never!
Yeah, some punk and rock
2How do you dress
Fishnets, mohawk, skulls, lots of piercings, and military boots! Yeah
Like the Matrix! Black trenchcoats and shades, man!
As long as I have my fangs, I`m OK!
A long, flowing cloak or nice trench, a nice dress shirt or gown, veil, and parasol
Bomber jacket, chains, spikes, and lots of piercings!
Just jeans and a t-shirt (maybe all black or not)
Bright, vibrant colors, my hair extensions, goggles, and platform heels!
As long as copious amounts of skulls are involved, I`m fine
3What kind of Music do you like best?
Classical! I love the haunting beauty of it!
Gregorian Chant and similar.
Pounding, grinding music with lots of yelling and guitar! YEAH
Screaming Power Metal!
Evanescance and the like. Nothing to happy.
I love most music, be it goth or otherwise
4Do you wear makeup?
Of course! No Goth would be seen dead without it!
Whiteface, nail polish, and a bit of eyeliner, nothing to dramatic!
Being Goth has nothing to do with makeup!
Makeup! Only My wife/mtoher/sister wears it! Not a chance it would ever go on MY face!
Only a bit of mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow, and nail-polish. Nothing black, only freaks do that!
5What kind of stuff do you read?
Only what my mommy and daddy let me!
Dracula, Dorian Gray, Jekyll and Hyde, all the Gothic novels!
Everything I love to read!!
Stephen Kingesque horror
Sci Fi
1984, and the like!
6Who is your favorite Superhero?
Alucard (Hellsing)
Blade (Blade)
Superheros! I am above such silly, childish, bunk!
As long as they kick ass, I`m fine!
The Punisher
The Marvel Universe Heros
I`m not really into that stuff. its ok if you are, but.........
7What`s your favorite videogame?
Death Jr.
The Resident Evil series. Headshots! Headshots!
Videogames kill your brain!
Zelda! Zelda!
Devil May Cry
Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines
World of Warcraft
Hell, Yeah!!! The more, the merrrier!
A few. mainly my ears, maybe a lip or eyebrow.
Lots, and Lots, and Lots! I love shiny earrings!
9Besides black, which of the following colors do you like best?
Lime Green
Anything Neon
10Long hair?
Definately! Especially (for boys) ponytails
Only a pudding bowl!
HUGE mohawks for me!
Shaved clean
Mostly clean shaven, with a little bit left long at the top
As long as I can spike it!
Yeah! more to extend!
11This won`t affect your score, but did you like this quiz?
Yeah, It was ok......
No, It sucked
It could have been better
12How would/do you dance?
Shake my body like there`s something wrong!
Elegant, flowing steps, allowing the music to flow through me.
Stomp my feet and jump around!
Short, spasmodic jerking motions

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