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Which Girl Interrupted character are you?
Take the quiz and see!
personality test

1What`s your biggest problem, out of these?
Nothing really, there is just something about your life you aren`t quite happy with
You have an overwhelming need to always look your best
Your parents really messed you up
You have a physical handicap, or a mental one like being flat out crazy
You have a tendency to lie about things
2Do you get along with your parents?
A little TOO well...
They are pretty much a neutral influence in my life
They drive you crazy sometimes
3Do you tend to be a perfectionist?
Yes, all the time about everything!
With some things that are important to me
Hardly ever
4Do you consider yourself to be a pretty normal person?
Everyone has their problems, but overall I think I`m pretty sane
I`m normal in my own world, that is all that matters
I know I`m crazy, but I don`t really care
5Have you ever harmed yourself intentionally?
Just once, in a really bad period
Yes, I`ve been known to cut myself or bruise myself
I would never do anything like that!
6Have you ever had issues with food?
Why would I have issues with food?
7Is there any hope for you?
Yeah, I think I`m going to be okay
That remains to be seen...
There`s no hope for me now

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