A small test of you quick thinking and advantages to see if you would have been able to survive Normandy as a U.S Ranger  (e) Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Would you survive Normandy/D-Day - WW2?
A small test of you quick thinking and advantages to see if you would have been able to survive Normandy as a U.S Ranger (e)
personality test

1 You hop out into the water when the whistle sounds and see Germans shooting at you from above you..
Run to the closest area of the cliff and crouch
Stay in the water and crouch
Shoot the Germans they derserve to be shot!
Immediatley climb the ladder so you can start shooting.
2You are climbing the rope ladder and you see a german shooting down at your allies you...
climb the rope ladder and go berzerk on the german
shoot the german first thing when you reach the top.
keep running, you dont bother with him leave him to someone else.
Run into a foxhole and shoot the german
3You are now at the top of the cliff when you hear whistles blowing.. its a signal for you to move forward you..
Run as fast as you can hopping over the trenches
Hop in the trench and slowly start to move
Hop in the trench and sit and wait some time out
hop in the trench and run like crazy you know the germans have artillery.
4You find yourself at the end of the trench line and you start to move you..
run trying to catch up to first squad..
you try to hop in a fox hole and wait until 3rd squad arrives..
you sit in the trench, theres no way your gonna go farther.
You wait until 2nd squad- your squad arrives.
5You are hiding out now on the second line of the trench you..
scout for ammo/medic bags to heal the wounded..
peak over the trench
move forward to catch up with first and 3rd squad along with your squad
sit back and wait with fourth squad you are unsure.
6The whistle sounds and everyone hops out you..
run like a madman hoping to get to the other side
try to pick off the mortars...
run halfway and start throwing grenades
hop out and snipe the germans standing up.
7You hop in the trench and 2 germans are on either side of you. you...
try to take both out at once.
knock on german by rifle butting him and shoot the other then finish the other german.
Shoot one of the germans and hope you have enough time to take the other
hop out of the trench theres no way you would be able to take both.
8Artillery again! you see artillery shells flying everywhere you...
cover your head in the trench hoping the shells wont hit you.
Run closer to the artillery
stand up and see which way they are pointing so you know if you will die..
throw a smoke grenades and follow everyone out
9The germans are retreating! you..
snipe some picking off one at a time because your still blood thirsty
assemble with your SGT and squad..
Cheer as loud as you can
follow the germans you want to be a hero and find out where there going.

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