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What comedy movie is your life based on?
Answer the question to find out what movie is most like your life!
personality test

1You love her/ him. You think about her/him everyday from that one time you meet eyes, do you...?
Ask a friend to watch her for you so you know everything they like?
You want to go all out and even marry her/him.
Eh, maybe get the chance to have her/him in bed.
Go to a night club and impress her/him with some sick dance moves.
Maybe she/he won`t die tonight so I can do something about it.
2Aw, a little romance won`t hurt. What would you do for them for a romantic evening?
Ruin her father`s dating show just to propose to her.
Hope that when you go out with whole family they won`t find out a horrible secret to make your chances even more slim.
Rob a bank, meet her/him at a nice romantic park.
Take her/ him and all your friends to a nice weekend at a cabin in the woods.
Hitchhick all the way home just to see her/ him smile.
3A normal feeling every day for you would be like...
Chilling at the mall
Going to cabins in the woods and fighting
Dancing and making people laugh
4Who would you kill just to be with them?
Those damned zombies
Her dad
her dad, mom, brother, sister, even that exboyfriend
The man you want out of the picture... ::that two timing SOB::
that mafia guy that took what is rightfully mine!
5Finally, what is your favorite color?
Green, like Puff the Magic Dragon
Blood red
Shiny green
Eh, who cares

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