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What movie are you?
Mind you, these aren`t stupid movies. Answer honestly for most accurate result. (e)
personality test

1What is/was your favorite subject in school?
I refuse to answer any question with the words `favorite` and `school` in it.
2You just discover that your best friend has been spreading nasty rumors about you behind your back. What do you do?
Punch him/her out.
Confront him/her and ask them why they did it.
Plot a grand scheme of revenge to ruin the rest of their year!!
Cry for a little while, then dust your self off and return to yur normal life, minus your `friend`.
Nothing. You figure after what you did to them last week, they can think they have won for a while.
3You`ve just had a really bad day. What do you do to wind down?
Make yourself a cup of tea, and curl up with your favorire book in front of a fire.
Play action videogames for a while. Blowing things up seems to always make you feel better.
Write down all the things you hate about yourself and your friends and e-mail it to all of them.
Settle down in a warm bath and read your favorite magazines.
Go for a hike in the woods next to your house. You love going on mini-adventures like that.
4And now for the immortal question: what is your favorite color?
Green, brown.. earthy colors
Black, grey, industrial colors
Warm colors like red and yellow
5What is your favorite book?
The Chronicals of Narnia series
idk, I don`t really, like, read...
Any kind of mystery or thriller novel
A dramatic book, like a Sheakespeare play, or a biography of dramatic moments in history.
Anything by Jane Austen
6What would your idea of the perfect first date be?
Going to a movie, then a long walk home, stopping and random places to get snacks.
Going to a football game, and the two of us screaming our heads off the entire time.
Well, first we`d go to a movie, then he`d have to buy us dinner at a really expensive place, then...
We`d go to a really romantic restaurant and talk for hours about nothing in particular.
Go browsing through a book store for a while, then discuss politics over coffee.

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