Classic poems. Are you a Plath or a Yeats? A Carroll or an Eliot? Do you even care? Find out. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which poem are you?
Classic poems. Are you a Plath or a Yeats? A Carroll or an Eliot? Do you even care? Find out.
personality test

1Describe yourself.
I`m the greatest person I know.
I -- er -- um -- oh, I`m no good at this!
I am dramatic and dark and oh so ANGSTY.
I`m fierce and opinionated.
Oh, my! I`m crazy! Hey, nonny, nonny! Do the Dew!
2What`s your view on relationships?
I like everything to be wild and passionate and crazy. Oh yeah. Like me.
Oh, I could never live without the person I`m stalk -- er, dating.
I really wish I had the guts to talk to the opposite sex more often.
Oh, love! Love is a many splendoured thing! Love lifts us up where we belong!
Pfft. It`s so damn difficult to find someone up to my level. I`m just too damn great.
3A train is coming from Spokane at 60 miles an hour. Another train is coming from Butte at 50 miles an hour. What do you like to do for fun?
I argue about politics. And philosophy. Not like it matters.
By the time I decide, the day`s always done.
I like dancin` an` singin` and playin` and ... oh, everything!
I daydream of insane things.
Oh, visiting graveyards, writing bad poetry -- the same old.
4Do you even like poetry, you jackass?
It`s great to write for other people.
Oh, yes. It can be so romantic!
Yep! I love playing fast and loose with words!
Only if it sufficiently relates to me.
Only if it`s the brilliant stuff *I* write!
Sure, but good luck being as good as me. I`ve had a lot of -- er -- practice.
6Dr. Freud says pick a word. OBEY DR. FREUD.
Jibba-jabba! Jibba-jabba, jibba-jabba!
7You see a bunch of big kids beating up a smaller kid. The smaller kid is probably a nerd. What a loser. What do you do?
Laugh maniacally!
Leave `em alone. Doesn`t matter anyway.
Sh*t happens.
Oh no! Poor kid! I`ll help him!
I don`t know! What is this, a freakin` morality test?
8Finally (yes, finally!), where would you like to take a vacation? Graceland is NOT allowed.
Pssh. I`m spending my vacation time lying on my butt with me, myself, and I.
I wanna kiss the Blarney Stone!
Paris. In the moonlight. With those violin dudes playing. Mmm.
The beach!
Somewhere interesting -- like an old gothic castle!

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