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What WWE Superstar Do You Fight Like?
What Wwwe Superstar Do You Fight Like?Take This Quiz To Find Out... (e)
personality test

1Your Oppeont Is Headin Right Toward You Do You...
Nail Him With Some Sweet Chin Music
Duck And Go To The STFU
Trip Him And Go For A Leg Drop
Hit Him With A Chair...
2You Won A Tag Team Title Match Do You...
Back Stab Him
Celebrate With Your Friends
Thank The Fans
Shake Hands With Your Partner
3Your Opponent Is Already Beat Do You...
Keep Attacking Him...
Walk Away...
Help Him Up And Thank Hiim For A Good Match
4the Referee Is About Awake After Being Knocked And You Have A Weapon Do You...
Quickly Toss The Weapon The Your Opponent
Drop The Weapon And Got For The Pin...
Keep The Weapon then Beat Your Opponent Again Later...
Hit The Ref Again...
5How Do You Like To End Most of Your Battles?
With Some Sweet Chin Music
Put Your Opponet In The Batista Bomb
Make Him Kiss The Floor
Go For A Top Rope Move!
6Finally WrestleMania Is Here....What Would Do To pLease The Fans
Back Stab Your Friend Course
Embarsse Mr.McMahon By Talking Smack To Him..
Just To Please The Fans,Announce A Tag Team Title Match
Screw The Fans,I Do Want I Want..
Lie To Someone

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