you're in a relationship, but you're unsure of his intensions. is he worth it or should you look for someone else? Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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is he worth your time?
you`re in a relationship, but you`re unsure of his intensions. is he worth it or should you look for someone else?
personality test

1the first time you meet his friends he introduce you as...
his girlfriend
his friend
a girl he knows
he doesnt introduce you at all
2you`re out on a date and his ex shows up. what does he do?
he tries to hide, while pretending everything is ok when you ask him
he acts weird and can`t stop looking at her
tells you who she is, but doesnt seem to care so much about her
pulls you away and run towards her
he walks towards her, holding hands with you, and start a polite conversation starting with: this is my girlfriend...
3it`s your birthday, and you`re really excited. what do you get from him?
a gift??are you kidding...he forgot my birthday.
he has planned a romantic evening at a restaurant just for me.
he gives you some sort of jewelry before he makes an excuse and leaves
he can`t see me that day, so he gives me roses/jewelry or a teddy a week later
he doesn`t give me anything
4you`ve been seing eachother for a while, and you think it`s time for him to meet your parents, and time for you to meet his. what does he say/do?
"slow down, it`s not like we`re getting married or anything.
he pretends like he can`t hear you before he talk you off track...sort of speak.
" sure, I would love to meet your parents, and I know mine will love you"
he says ok, but when the day comes he makes a stupid excuse to get out of it
5you say " I love you" for the first time. how does he react?
he says "thanks" and then it is forgotten
he smiles, looks at you and say " I love you too" while touching your hair
he doesnt say anything at all
6it`s your 1.year anniversary, and you`re excited to find out what he has planned for you.
turns out he doesnt even remember what day you got together,
he gives you a gift and take you out on a dream date.
he know what day it is, but ditches you and chooses to hang out with the guys.
7you`re at a party. how does he act?
he gives you full attension and make sure you`re having a good time
ignores you, and hangs out with his friends
he`s the king of the dancefloor, and he dances with every girl there...except you...
he knows you`re there, but that doesn`t stop him from flirting with everyone else
he stays faithful, whisper sweet words in your ear and shows everyone that he cares about you. at the same time he includes you in conversations with his friends, and if youre talking to different people he always gives you a look that proves he know you are there

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