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Will you be a good wife or husband, someday?
see if you`ll be a good wife or husband. (e)
personality test

1How often do you spend time with your family?
I love my family, always with them!
A lot.
Not too much.
Never really do.
2If you were to pick in a life or death situation, who would you rather pick to be alive?
One of your family member.
Your girl friend.
A best freind you know for years.
Hard to decide.
3If your parents yelled at you for a good reason how would you react or do?
Swear and yell back.
Call them names when their gone.
Simply walk away.
Listen and apologize.
4What kind of gift would you get for your girlfriend or someone you love.
Cards and flowers.
Expansive things.
Something you personally made.
5Have you dated anyone just because they`ve done something you really admire?
6When you`re around someone you love, how do you feel?
Never want it to end.
A bit happier.
Just the same.
7If you were turn down by someone you love, you would.....
stop bothering.
still try to get a chance.
do whatever it takes to get a chance.
be sad and depress.
8What are you willing to do for the one you love? (expression)
Walk this earth with all its mile just to see their smile.
Wait a million sad days just for them to stay.
Fight and fight for loves right.

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