NOTE: This test has not been proven to predict actual SAT scores.  Don't expect it to. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What Score Will You Get On The SAT?
NOTE: This test has not been proven to predict actual SAT scores. Don`t expect it to.
personality test

1You study for the SAT by:
Reading constantly and doing well in school, perhaps taking a few practice tests and glancing over your vocabulary list right before test time.
Sitting at your desk at home the day before the test, flipping through index cards and trying not to panic.
2There are directions at the beginning of each section. Do you read them?
Yes. Over and over and over and over and over and…hey, the next section started already?
Duh! I need to make sure I know this!
Of course not. I already understand the directions; why read them again?
3Analogy time! BIRD : WINGS ::
4Now let’s do quantitative comparisons: Column A: x, Column B: x squared.
A. Column A is greater
B. Column B is greater
C. Column A and B are equal
D. Cannot be determined from the information given.
5You’re reading a passage about science, and you’ve come across the term “frangoubious dialiuminism.” What do you do?
Stop reading the passage and spend the rest of the section slumped over the desk, crying tears of frustration.
Keep reading the passage. You don’t need be a scientific genius to answer the questions.
Rip up the test booklet and throw the shreddings at the proctors while practicing your primal screams.
6How do you feel about guessing?
I absolutely CANNOT GUESS because there’s a guessing penalty and if I guess, I’ll fail!
I only guess when I can eliminate at least one of the wrong answer choices. Yeah, there is a guessing penalty, but the law of averages should work out in my favor.
I love guessing! That’s how I answer ALL the questions.
7How do you fill in the little answer circles?
I spend lots of time filling them in, disregarding the time taken in making sure every atom of paper within the circle is covered in pencil marks.
I use them to draw cute little piggies and smiley faces!
I spend some time filling them in, but I’m not too fastidious about it.
8Fill in the blank: A good score on the SAT is very__________, and everyone will praise you if you earn one.

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