The outcome of this quiz will be one of my fav songs.  If you are interested in the song lyrics, pm me... I'm sure I can send you the song. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which of my favorite songs are you?
The outcome of this quiz will be one of my fav songs. If you are interested in the song lyrics, pm me... I`m sure I can send you the song.
personality test

1You are at an ice cream shop, what flavor do you get?
Hmmm, I don`t know. Chocolate...Vanilla...Chocolate....Vanilla....Wait... maybe Strawberry
mmm... I want chocolate. (said to the cashier in a sultry tone)
Sheesh, you don`t have time for icecream. Your at a youth rally or out starting a recycle program.
You ask for mint chocolate chip and make small talk with the cashier while he gives you an extra scoop of icecream.
You get a banana split with extra extra hot fudge.
2Shoot! You overslept and you have two minutes before your first class. What do you do?
Pretend you didn`t wake up to notice and go back to bed.
Oh no! What happens if there is a pop test in the start of the class and you miss it which brings down your average... you fail the class... and end up in the streets.
Go to class of course. Being 10 minutes late is better than skipping.
Don`t go to class. You still have a hangover from last night.
Don`t go to class. You`ll look like a wreck if you do. It`s too much of a hassle.
3It`s time for choosing teams. What`s the order in which you get picked?
First, of course. I got mad skills.
Last again. Everyone hates me.
Honey, either way... I always end up on top.
I always contribute something awesome to my team regardless of when I get picked.
um...last...for some reason people don`t like to pick someone who is plastered lying on the floor. Who`da thunk it, eh?
4You spent the whole day with spinich in your teeth, mustard stains on your pants, and toilet paper stuck on your shoes. How do you feel?
Alright, I look good in anything.
As long as I didn`t wake up in a pile of my own shat, I`m okay.
What are people gonna think of me. And I just talked with the person I have a huge crush on! I`m gonna die!
As long as I got my health, I`m doing grrrrreat!
5What is your view concerning the tomato?
I have a tomato patch growing in my backyard. I try to do my part in ending world hunger.
I don`t know. What do you think about it?
Me gusta salsa.
Who cares?
I love it.

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