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Are you annoying?
find out! (e)
personality test

1You see me eating a food that you hate what do you do?
Run over and yell "THAT SANDWHICH SUCKS!!!!"
Ignore it
Sit down beside me and say" You know that sandwhich can kill your balls?"
Smack me and say "You suck b*tch!!!"
2You see a hot girl you know i like and you...
Yell really loud "MY friend wants to f you in the
Run over and tell her im gay.
Yell "F*ck you sl*t!!!!"
Yell her name and when she looks give her the bird
Ignore her
3We meet at a bar and when i leave you...?
run after me and punch me and say "That was for...... well i dunno what it was for."
Ignore me
Stalk me home and before i go into the door you say" Now i know where to put the bomb!"
Tell the bartender i went to get my wallet and run out.
4I make you some food and you....?
Wait for 5 minutes then yell in my ear "Thanks man!!!" then throw it away.
Pick it up and try to snort it.
Laugh and say "Wait and see what i got you!"
Eat it then burp and throw it up.
Say "Thanks" and eat it.
5You call and say your going to a movie and i say no you..?
say "Well screw you then!"
Hang up call back and make heavy breathing sounds.
Say "ok" and hang up.
Say "WTF go p*ss in a cup give to a retard and say heres lemonade!!!"

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