Are you as sane as you think you are? Perhaps you are as mad as a bathtub full of eels. There are many ways to find out for sure, but you could just do this test instead and waste another few more minutes of your worthless life. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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How insane are you?
Are you as sane as you think you are? Perhaps you are as mad as a bathtub full of eels. There are many ways to find out for sure, but you could just do this test instead and waste another few more min (more)
personality test

1You go on a blind date, after a pleasant night, they invite you to their flat for a coffee. Do you?
Politely decline as the caffine will make it very difficult for you to get a good nights sleep.
Accept the offer, perhaps hoping for a little more.
Accept the offer so that you can murder another victim in their own house.
Insist that you have forgotten how to speak English and run down the street shouting `otters` at the top of your voice.
Take off all of your clothes and suggest that you do it right there on the garden.
2You are in the middle of an important job interview. The Interviewer asks you a difficult question, do you?
Stumped by the question, mumble something quickly in the hope that the interviewer will move on to the next question.
Start to cry. This is all too much for you.
Answer the question perfectly, you`ve done your research.
Punch the interviewer squarly in the face and inform them that the questions had better get easier or else you will kick off again.
Smash up the the entire office, while throwing cockroaches (that you had hidden in your underwear) at the interviewer.
3What time do you go to bed?
It varies. Sometimes pretty late, but normally i get to bed at a sensible hour.
Im always tucked up by 10:30pm
I dont have a bed. I burned it when the pixie people told me to.
I stay up all night, because when I dream, things can kill me.
I spend my entire life in bed.
4You are in a resteraunt and its time to order the starter. You ask for?
Prawn Cocktail
Ice Cream
A bag of spanners
Punch the waiter
5How much underwear do you wear?
Lots. Its foolhardy to risk getting a chill.
A normal amount, but i dont change them often enough.
Ive been wearing the same underwear since 1986
I ate all my underwear with my neighbours dog told me to.
What is underwear?
6Computers are good for?
Keeping your accounts in order.
Surfing the web
Making and completing quizes
Keeping as a pet. I take mine for walks
Juggling with
7How many people have you killed?
About 3 or 4
I lose count
None! Im outraged at the suggestion!
People? aaargh! kill, kill, kill!
Bleep, bleep, im an ostrich.
8Do you believe in this quiz`s ability to judge your sanity level?
Absolutly. Despite the awful grammer and spelling, im sure this dude knows what he is doing.
Yes. How could on online quiz lie to me?
I know im sane, so this test means nothing to me. Rather pointless me doing it actually, I mean its not as if ive even enjoyed it. Oh well, I guess I might as well finish it now, I mean this is the last question and all. Im so bored. Hmm, I think ill pick this option.
No, but it sure is fun doing this. No really, im not just saying that.
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