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What rock band are you most like?
Featuring Tool, Slipknot, Pantera, Deftones, Type O,Manson, and Coal Chamber.
personality test

1What would you do if someone was talking about one of your friends?
I would wait till I knew where they lived and burn that person`s house down, Oh yeah!!!
I would knock the Sh*t out of them as soon as I heard my friends name.
Would ask around about why and what was said, then plot my way into getting close enough to em` and wreck thier pathetic little lives.
I would tell my friend so that they could go beat the sh*t out of them while I laugh.
I would tell my friend and then calm them down with my dark charm.
2You are having a conversation with a friend and a person you don`t know walks up and starts talking to your friend, what do you do?
Randomly spit out some off the wall sh*t about liking katsup on chips and hope they go away.
I would put on my headphones and blast my music so I can`t hear them.
I would ask this person who are you and why in the f*ck are you butting into our conversation?
Start talking like you know them and mention things you heard to try to get close to this person. Intentions unknown till later.....
Relize it`s not a stranger, it`s your X and start looking at them intensly and say "What, you`re not dead yet?"
3What would you wear out on a date?
Anything I like and I know they would like.
Well, everything in my closet is Black, so yeah.... BLACK it is.
I`d wear black baggy pants, some spikes, a little eye liner, dye my har before then, and maybe put my hair crazyish to the side with some jel.
Doesn`t matter cause it`s coming off by the end of the night.
A black band T and some baggy jeans.
4If I asked you to hold my balls, what would you say?
I would ask if that`s all you want me to do to em` in a perverted way.
Would just hold my hand out.
Tell you to shove it and grin all jester like, then laugh.
I dunno, maybe I would say something perverted or maybe I would just hold em`, really depends on what mood I`m in.
Just grin evily as the balls are handed. Don`t you wish if you knew if you could trust me or not? lol
5You find out someone you like has a crush on you, What are you thinking?
I wonder if this is really true, maybe we could fall in love.
I wonder how long it would take for us to sleep together, cause there is no such thing as love.
You will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine.
I don`t care but I`ll ask them if it`s true or not.
I don`t think anything of it cause it`s not true.
6What do you like to do more?
Think quitly in my room alone.
Draw or write.
Walk around in the woods at night.
Drink with friends.
Listen to music so loud it makes my parents mad.
7If you wrote a Love letter, what would it be like?
I take pride in my ideas so I woulld have to think hard about what to write and probably never finish.
Soft and sweet like the petals of a rose.
I`d make it to wear the person believe every word I had to say so I could get what I want.
Everything must mean what it says but not mean what they think so I can explain it to them and make them see.
It would be something that they would never think I would say because it would come from the heart.
8If one of your friends started dressing prepy, What would you do?
O`well it`s thier prob, not mine.
Start picking on them and asking them "Why in the h*ll did you have to go and sleep with Nick Carter?"
I would probably come up with a new word to describe this trator.
One minute I would prolly be alright with it, but then again I might Curse em` out the next week over it.
I would prolly go to sleep and worry about it when and if they come around me.
9What describes your mind more?

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