Are you all for the bright side of things, or are you always seeing the glass half empty?

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Are you Light, Or Dark?
Are you all for the bright side of things, or are you always seeing the glass half empty? (e)
personality test

1You`re sitting on a dock, and suddenly someone pushes you into the water. What do you do?
You are a bit shaken up, but you just pull the other person in with you.
You are enraged! How dare that person push you in?!?! You say some rather colorful words towards the
You laugh at yourself and pull the person in with you. Who wants to play chicken?
2Well, whatever you chose, you`re all dried off now, and you`re at the mall. You look at your selection of stores, and choose one. You go to....
Macies, or wet seal. What can you say, you love to shop.
Spencers or Hott topic. Maybe you can get some anime stuff, or a new C.D.
A bookstore. Its quiet, and you can just sit and relax.
3Well, you`re bringing your bags out of the mall, and you are bumped into. You...
Yell at the person, saying how he should watch where he`s going.
Smile and say "whoops, guess I should pay more attention!"
Dust yourself off and help the other person up as well. No need to be mean.
4You`re all shopped out, and you decide to take a nap. You have a terrefying nightmaare. It was about....
A bunch of vampire preppy cheerleaders. They were plotting against you.
Clowns. Millions of clowns!
Spiders, snakes, creepy crawlies.
5You wake up with a start, and go to make yourself something to eat so you can relax. You get...
Some hott chocolate. Its warm and comforting.
who needs food at a time like this? I`m going to the spa to relax.
Get to Barnes and Noble and starbucks. Get myself a latte and read a good book.

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