What character from "A Dirty Job" by Christopher Moore are you?

The title says it all

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What character from "A Dirty Job" are you?
What character from "A Dirty Job" by Christopher Moore are you? The title says it all (e)
personality test

1At work, you are always found...
Doing your job, grudgingly
Hacking the internet looking for porn
Comforting anyone who is in distress
Getting what needs to be done, done enthusiastically
Always on coffee Break
2Strange and dark things start happening around you, what do you do?
Keep calm
Think it is the coolest thing ever
Just Stay happy!
Find out what the hell is going on!
Fight back!
I`ll go into a corner and die, thank you
So much strange stuff has happened to me, I couldn`t care less
3You attack others using...
Your wits
Your strength
A passive agressive style of fighting
I don`t fight back
insults and usually empty threats
Just being a jerk
4While walking with your kid, you see some trash in the gutter. you...
Pick it up, wanting to make your city look nicer
Pick it up, because it is annoying
burn it, that would be fun
leave it! you have your kid to protect!
Add to the pile, picking up trash is for losers!
leave it, I don`t care
5Everyone is saying that you need to go get laid, now. Quick, what do you do?
"I`m Fine!"
Go find a hot hooker (or a hot guy if you`re a girl)
"I can do a massage, but nothing more."
Go find your lover, that would be great!
Go get drunk intead
6You would rather wear
An Italian suit
All black
Whatever is needed to get the job at hand done
Clothing that suits you best
Cheap stuff from Asher`s Secondhand
7The world is ending, what do you do?
protect what you hold dear
Have fun, and screw you all
Let all of your deepest secrets out
Keep Calm

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