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Which Mike Myers character are you?
Find out which incarnation of the awesome comedian is most like you.
personality test

1What`s your dream job?
Rock star!
Super spy!
2Time for a drink! What`ll you be having?
I`ll have a large cappuccino.
Sex on the Beach, baby! Yeah!
Gah, I don`t care. Swamp juice.
I`m not thirsty. I`ll have some red rope licorice.
I`ll drink your mojo!
3What`s your ultimate goal?
To rule the world. Or destroy it. Either one.
To get married and raise a normal family.
To be left alone!
To shag you rotten, baby!
To hold a concert in Aurora, IL. You see, I had this dream with Jim Morrison...
4Oh-oh. You have to break up with your significant other. What`s the reason?
She smelled like soup. Like Campbell`s beef vegetable soup.
She`s a psycho hose beast!
I couldn`t tell them how I really felt, so I let it pass.
Well, I had to go be frozen, so...
She was a robot, baby!
5Describe your best buddy.
He looks like an undercover cop trying to look hip.
He`s dorky. With glasses.
Me, myself, and I.
He`s like me, only smaller.
I guess he`s hairy ... and loud ... and he has four legs.
6It`s time for some leisurely Saturday fun. What do you do?
I`ll take the tour of Alcatraz.
Shagging, baby! Yeah!
Plotting EVIL.
Playing my guitar. It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.
Sitting by myself! Go away, world!
7What are you reading?
The Kama Sutra. Done that, done that ... ooh, that`s old hat, baby.
Books! Are they ... evil books?
This fairy tale book ... what a load of crap!
The Weekly World News
Who can read when Baywatch is on! SCHWING!
8Finally, if you had unlimited wealth, what would you do?
Unlimited wealth? But ... but I wanted ONE MILLION DOLLARS!
Concert tickets and guitars all the way.
A harem! Groovy!
I`d use it to build a big fence around my home. Get lost!
Well, I wouldn`t buy any more haggis.

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