Are you a democrat or republican

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Dem or Rep
Are you a democrat or republican (e)
personality test

1How do you feel about the war
The terrorists must be eradicated and Iraq must become a democracy.
Lives and money are being wasted in this war.
2How do you feel about the environment?
Um... its ok but there are more important issues, it can wait.
We need to do what we can to save it before its too late.
3How about Global warming?
Global whating, what the hell is that?
If we cut back on using fuel we can still prevent it.
There is no concrete evidence that humans are causing it.
4How do you feel about gay marriage
Im fine with gay marriage
marriage is between a man and a women
5Do you like hippies?
I am one
They need to stop smoking and start showering
Dont mind them
6Red or blue
7What about abortion
Its murder
whats abortion
pro choice
8How much do you like meat?
Eat it for every meal tons of it
Almost never/never eat it
I eat an average amount some almost every day
9How do you feel about higher education for kids
We need it no matter how much money it is.
It would be greeat if we had the money but the country cant afford it right now.
10Should we drive large cars like hummers?
Yes why shouldnt we?
no their too environmentally destructive.
11Do we need border patrol?
We dont have the money to try and keep every one out.
Yes this country is getting over populated
12Was bush a good president?
we had a bush for president?... COOL!

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