Well, are you Emperor Ming or Flash Gordan? Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader? Find out in this sensational and totally vindicated quiz! Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Are you a science fiction villain?
Well, are you Emperor Ming or Flash Gordan? Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader? Find out in this sensational and totally vindicated quiz!
personality test

1You come into a large ammount of pounds, dollars or trigulatians. What do you do?
By a nice house. Just enough to make you friends and family jealous
You buy a crater on the moon and start constructing your death ray, aimed at all the major cities of the Earth
You invest in large ammounts of metal. Enough to make, oh shall we say, a sphere the size of a small moon.
You pay a scientist to design a weapon capable of destroying whole planets. And you shape it like a giant bug. Don`t forget to kill the scientist afterwards!
2You capture them. But due to inadequately powered restraints, or cunningly concealed hairpins they escape.
Get them you fools!
They`re getting away!
Um, please stay.
Please stay. I have cup cakes and lemonade.
3You are designing your genetically modified mutant minions. They have...
Lazer guns in their chests, Zap(TM) proof shielding and long, glistening fangs for close combat. And claws. And are green and black.
Long metal protrusions from any available limb.
A really nasty smell
A really nasty stare
Pink fluff
4You have tens seconds to reply or I will...
Destroy a major city
Destroy a major country
Destroy the planet
Destroy the universe
Destroy an infestation of cockroaches. Humanely.
5You have the hero at your mercy. You say...
Nothing. Just kill him/her/it.
Hasta La Vista (or whatever)
Any last words?
Oh, but I can`t kill you, look at your pretty face.
6Oh dear. The hero has come, and is facing me with a lazer gun/light-sword/pointy stick. My last words are...
You haven`t seen the last of me! (You have already planned your escape/reincarnation/regeneration/replacement/clone)
Where did it all go wrong? (and blame your upbringing)
Oh s...ugar
Nothing. You are too cool and face death silently.
Where is the love, my brother/sister?

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