Can your friends trust you with anything?

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How Trustworthy are you?
Can your friends trust you with anything? (e)
personality test

1A friend confides in you a dark secret that they only want you to know. How do you react?
Keep it, like you promised.
Don`t tell any one at school, but once you get home tell everybody else.
Tell everyone.
2Your parents ask you to walk the dog. What do you do?
Stay right where I am. The dog has 4 legs it can walk itself.
Take you`re dog for a walk, but only for a block or 2.
What the heck! You go on a full hike with your dog.
I don`t have a dog
3You`re on a top secret FBI mission and you cant tell anyone anything about what you`re doing. What do you do?
Keep it all to yourself, tell no one.
You figure your diary isn`t a person and write down everything.
You brag to all of your friends that you`re on a secret mission.
4You`re friend trusts you to keep her favorite penny safe. What happens?
You loose the penny immediatly. Hey, it`s only a penny!
You do your best to keep it with you, but end up misplacing it.
You mannage to keep it safe all day.
5Did you like this Quiz?
No! it was so stupid!
It was OK.
Loved it!

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