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Which stereotypical drunk are you?
You probably don`t remember, because you had too much to drink. Luckily, this quiz can tell you.
personality test

1You`re getting ready to go out for the night. What do you decide to wear?
Something nice, that makes me look really good, and that`s probably a little revealing.
Nothing too nice. You never know what kind of spillage will happen when alcohol`s involved.
I put on whatever. Who cares what those idiots out there think of me?
Something comfortable - There`s probably a long night ahead.
2So where do you plan on going, anyway?
Anything will work for me; I`m not choosy as long as there`s plenty to drink.
A bass-thumping dance club with lots of sexy people to hit on.
The quiet-ish local bar. We`re regulars there and can get cheap drinks.
A house party.
3Who do you spend the night talking to?
4And how do you spend the night?
Once I start drinking, I tend to start thinking about all my problems. I`m probably drowning my sorrows.
My friends and I are raising a ruckus and demanding jello shooters.
I`m probably chatting up a stranger at the bar. There are so many cool people here!
I came out for a reason, and that reason is to suck down the beer. Period.
We`re playing drinking games and I`m winning!

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