Find out if you really like this girl, or your just tryin to get with her.

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Do you like her that much?
Find out if you really like this girl, or your just tryin to get with her. (e)
personality test

1Where would you take her on a first date?
Movies, then Dinner
Mcdonalds, Bergerking because you dont have enough money
fancy resturant
around the beach, watch the sunset
2She has a boyfriend, but you really love her what would you do?
You would give up let him have her
Your down but doest have an effect on you
you cant take it anymore and you prove to her that you love her
pretend that you care
3She is down, what do you do to cheer her up?
dress up in a clown suit
tell her that she is beautiful
pretend to listen to her problems
listen to her problems
4She is in greece for a month what will you do?
you will wait for her untill she comes back and call her
try to get more girls
hook up with other girls
dont call her untill she comes back
5To prove that you would love her would you?
Write 100 reasons why you love her
Buy her roses and get with her
just tell her that you love her
make her a card

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