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Which one of my friends would you be, if you were one of my friends?
Gender notwithstanding. I think this one is self-explanatory.
personality test

1First off, are you a religious person?
Yes, I follow my family`s religion and take it pretty seriously.
I am a spiritual person with my own ideas about religion, and don`t follow a set one.
Not yet, but probably later in life.
Meh. Not really. I don`t give it much thought.
I like to learn about it, but don`t take to it myself.
2What are you most likely to be doing on a Saturday afternoon?
If I`m out of bed yet, I`m probably lounging and watching television.
My errands never end. I can pencil you in for coffee between 2 and 3:00.
Is basketball on? If not, I`ll be putzing around the house, listening to music.
I`m working on a short story or my photography portfolio.
I`m finalizing plans for the party I`m throwing tonight.
3Okay, it`s Saturday night and you`re at a huge party. Where can I find you?
I`m circulating among the guests, because I`m the host.
I`m circulating among the guests, because I like to meet new people.
I`m having an enthralling philosophical conversation on the couch with someone I just met.
I`m sticking with a close friend, because huge parties intimidate me a bit.
I`m poking through the selections of liquor to see if they`ve supplied my drink of choice.
4Assuming you drink alcohol, which of these would you pick?
Rum and coke.
Vodka and cranberry.
Bourbon or scotch, neat.
Red wine.
Beer, thanks.
5Are you a cat person or a dog person?
Cat person.
Dog person.
I`m allergic to everything anyway.
6What`s your best quality? If you have no good qualities, just pick your favorite.
I`m good at listening to people`s problems and helping them work things out.
I`m super intelligent and authority figures like me, for some reason.
I can see the positive side of any situation.
I`m never artificial or superficial with people.
I can sing! And dance!
7How about your worst? If you`re perfect, just pretend.
You might say I`m kind of a slacker at times.
I talk about myself too much sometimes, without checking to see if the listener cares.
My demented side comes out sometimes when it would be better off hidden.
My insecurities stop me from being assertive about what I want in life.
8Which club in high school did you (or do you) belong to?
Chorus or band.
I worked on the literary magazine.
I played basketball.
Drama club.
Club? Does smoking in the bathroom count?
9What do plan on doing for a living?
Web design and networking - Short hours, big money.
I`ve just completed my first novel.
Traveling to the Amazon rainforest to conduct cutting-edge scientific research.
Until my first major stage role, I`ll continue at my menial office job.
Teacher. If that doesn`t pan out, lounge singer.
10Which artistic endeavor could I find you doing?
Playing an instrument.
Painting a pretty picture...Well, a picture, anyway.
Trying to pull together my own television show.
11Hey baby. Are you single?
Uh, no. I`m married.
I`m with someone, settled down. Screw off.
I`m with someone, but that doesn`t mean we can`t talk!
Single, and playing the field.
I`m single and don`t really care if I meet someone soon or not.
12All right, last question: What did you get me for Christmas?
I got you a cool wooden frog that`s wearing striped pants and a clown collar.
I made you a photo collage of pictures of us.
I gave you some cd`s with tons of mp3s on them, because everyone loves good music.
I`m Jewish, or some other non-Christmas-celebrating type.
Christmas? Wait...Dammit! I forgot all about it!

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