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Which reality TV rich girl are you?
Find out how rich and evil you`d be if you had the ability to be rich and evil.
personality test

1Your voice is:
Deep; and when it`s not whiny, it`s bitter.
Smmoth as silk, but grating when you`re tired.
Always loud, imagine a cow trying to whisper.
Like a bell that never stops ringing.
Inaudible, because no one listens to you.
2Have you ever worked a day in your life?
Bite me.
(Curse word)
This is a crazy concept, indeed.
3What was your childhood like?
La la la...oh a fairy!
I never had a childhood, so I try to relive it, and I talk to my father and cry about it.
I don`t want to talk about it.
My parents knew that I was gonna be a star.
I`m amazed that I`ve made it this far, with all of the drugs that I take.
4At a party, you:
are always outside for a cigarette.
giggle, and do those poses that you practiced in the mirror while getting dressed.
get violently drunk.
dance, and try to avoid your depressed friend.
are cold, because you aren`t wearing any pants.
5While making out with someone, you:
actually make out.
sit there and look pretty. They can fantasize about this later.
pretend to listen to their confessions of love, but you really don`t care.
drone on about how depressed you are between puffs of a cigarette.
wonder why someone is making out with you.
6Do you drive?
Only when I`m out in the country.
I`m driven.
Ha ha, hell no!
Another strange concept.

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