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Which Grey`s Anatomy girl are you?
Find out which of these femme fatales is you from the hit show "Grey`s Anatomy"
personality test

1Which McGuy would you want to hook up with most?
2Would you ever get romantically involved with a patient?
Yeah, it`s a possibility
3If you were to be a surgeon, what would you specialize in?
orthopedic (bones)
neo-natal (babies)
neurology (brains)
cardiology (hearts)
4How are things with your mom?
I see her pretty often.
She`s too religious for me
She could probably use some help financially
5How`s your love life been in the past?
Very complicated and messy
Your stubbornness has been a problem in the past, but you always come around if it`s worth it.
You`ve crossed some lines and there have been some tragedies.
You`re in a steady relationship or happily married.
You`ve been through affairs and maybe a divorce too.
6Where do you live?
In your parent`s house
In an apartment
With roommates
At your place of work
In a trailer
7How`s your offspring situation been?
You thought you were pregnant, but it was actually some other health problem
You`ve had an abortion
You`ve given a child to adoption
You`ve given birth before
You`ve never dealt with pregnancy
8What is your hair like?
brown or blonde, usually with roots showing
black and long
black and short
red or auburn
9Do people put high expectations upon you?
Yes, definitely
Not really
10How did/do you do in school?
You try your best, and speak up if you make mistakes... most of the time
You`re pretty much a walking encyclopedia
You were (or might become) valedvictorian
That was so long ago!
11Can you bake/cook?
Yeah, I love it!
Eh... not my specialty.
12Do you hate it when people hug you?
Yes, I can`t stand it when people touch me!
I don`t care if people hug me or not.
I don`t mind being hugged.
13Are you wealthy?
Yes, I have a wealthy family.
I`ve inherited my wealth.
I`m more on the low side of the financial spectrum.
14Are you a leader or a follower?
A bit of both.
15Are you good at giving emotional support?
Yes, I`m always there for those who need me.
Not really... I`m a bit too selfish at times.
Nope, I`m not a softie.
I dunno, I`m usually the one who needs the support.
16Do you like to dance?
It`s not quite my thing.

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