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Which Britney Spears are you?
Find out the inner Britney inside your soul. Be shocked and amazed.
personality test

1Tonight what will you do?
Go out with my friends, maybe have a couple drinks now that I`m no longer underage!
Watch a sappy crap movie like Pretty Woman with my sister and my mom.
Go on rides at Disneyworld!!
Go out and dance up a storm.
2Your favorite song is?
Something fast and sexy!
I love the music from Disney movies, I really do!
Anything by Prince or Janet Jackson
Slow romantic country songs.
3The last person you dated...
Told people things about you that you would have liked kept private.
Will always be with you in your heart
You were young and stupid and want to forget about it
It was fun, it`s over now, big deal.
4Most people are mean to you because?
They are an ugly and jealous mob of jerks.
They expect me to be perfect and I`m not.
I wear stupid clothes sometimes, I move to the beat of my own drummer and it freaks out some people I think.
I don`t care about them. I just care about my family and friends.

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