this quiz is for Alex only. love you and dont worry I do trusts you now!! Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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How much do you love me? honestly.
(Private Quiz)
this quiz is for Alex only. love you and dont worry I do trusts you now!!
personality test

1Do you love me? and remember to be COMPLETELY honest w/ this quiz
I`d do ANYTHING for you!
im not sure.
yes but i dont know about if I will forever.
2Do you love me more?
No Questions asked, I KNOW I DO!!!
Im pretty sure I do.
I dont really know
3Would you take a bullet for me? ((like in a real life situation where its all on instinct, & u obviously dont know if it would be fatal)
Yes even if it was fatal.
I probably would.
I dont know...
4In real life, how would you prove your love to me? (assuming we could do these things)
Absolutely ANYTHING. lol
Do I need to?
I dont know. (meaning I wouldnt do ANYTHING)
5Would you take "those kind" of piks?
Yes and I wouldnt mind either!
Yes but I would mind! =(
Nope. sorry.
6Im not proposing!! but could you marry me?
Yes I would!!!! besides we already are =P
I dont know gosh!
7If I treated you like I didnt really give a flip, how long would you stay, waiting for me to go back to how I was?
a month or two
half a year.
a year.
forever? ((I personaly doubt you would pick this one))

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