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Are you light or dark side
Star Wars quiz that determines wether you are on the light or dark side
personality test

1Are you often angry?
I am always angry, sometimes for no reason
I am angry often, but only when i have a reason
I am occasionally angry, when provoked
I try to always maintain calm and peaceful, and very rarely angry
I am never angry, and always peaceful and calm
2Do you have nightmares often?
Every night, as i fear a lot
No i fear nothing
Very rarely, when i go to sleep late
Never, i always sleep peacefully
I only dream of power
3DO you have a huge fear
Yes, the loss of loved ones
No i fear nothing
The loss of power or my empire
yes, but i can't quite put my finger on it
I try to let go of my fears
4Do you seek power
Power is what i live for
Yes, power is nice
No, peace is what i want
A bit of power can't hurt
Power leads to the dark side. No.
5Are you kind to others?
Depends who
No. Everyone is below me
Of course, everyone deserves kindness
if there is a reason to be kind
100% always
6Are you confident or shy
I radiate confidence, nothing can stop me
I am very quiet and shy
I hide but am confident in good
Just the right amount of both
rather confident
7Do you feel hate often
Hate is a very strong word, I dislike at most
I hate anyone who gets in my way, always
when i have a reason
i hate no one and nothing, i try to keep peace
only those who deserve my hate
8Do you think you are more light or dark?
9Pick a colour of lightsaber, don't take into account which colour means what
10Do you argue with people
Every day
Only if i must
There are other ways to get what you want
I always challenge people's opinions
Never, arguing is a watse of time

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