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The Sasuke Uchicha Quiz!!!!!!!!
You Are Dead To Me If You Hate Him!!!
personality test

1Sasuke says hi, how do you react?
You wave back at him, silently telling yourself not to puke.
You say "what up, jerk?" and punch him in the arm playfully.
You wave back, then leave without giving him a second glance.
You attack Sasuke for looking at you.
2The village is under attack! Sauske tells you to run, what do you do?
You You stay and fight! This is a test of love!
You can't let Sasuke have all the glory! You stay and fight!
You think, what does he care? I'm gonna leave, not my problem.
You say, "what? I'm the one attacking the village, Sasuke!"
3You are asked out by Sasuke.
You squeal and give him a big hug, then accept.
You tell him you would rather be friends, then, o things aren't awkward, you ask him to hang out.
You look disgusted because you barely know Sasuke, and walk away.
Remind Sasuke you're enemies, then punch his face in
4Sasuke kisses you.
AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is happening???!!!!!!
You get really confused, then run away and live with the guilt
You kick him in the shins then walk away.
You get confused and kill Sasuke because he's there.

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