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Are you poop or pee
personality test

1First off, what is your age?
2Next, what are your dreams like?
Your dreams are highly vivid, you imagine strange realities and surrend yourself to the new world.
Your dreams are very stale and uninteresting, it does not take you long to realize you are dreaming.
Your dreams frequently revolve around sex, you often wake up soaked in your various body fluids.
Your dreams are to complex for the human mind to even attempt to understand.
You do not remember your dreams.
3Next, how are you socially?
You are confident in your speaking abilities and have little to know trouble conversing with anyone.
You are not the best at speaking but you can manage your way through a conversation.
You are superior to everyone and this leads you to the realization that it is lonely at the top.
You are plagued with anxiety at the simple thought of attempting to speak, even if no one is around.
You simply do not converse because you just do not like talking, simple as that.
4Next, how is your mental state?
You are confident, happy, and most importantly self loving.
You are alright, you are on the fence as to whether you are happy or sad, yet you do lover yourself.
You are not the greatest right now, somewhat sad and developing a self hating attitude.
You are an absolute wreak, depressed most of the time and you fully loath yourself.
You are numb to emotion. You feel very little even in the face of extreme situations.
5Next, what hobbies do you have?
You are a sportsman, you love anything that involves physical activity and competition.
You are more of a gamer, you enjoy spending hours in front of a screen playing whatever you enjoy.
You simply enjoy listening to music, whether it be to soothe you or fill you up with energy.
You are a thinker, you sit and think upon a whole array of subjects and you are eager to think more.
You are a stoner, you enjoy toking up a bit from time to time, mellows you out.
6Next, what music do you frequently listen to?
You are a mainstream man, you enjoy whatever is popular at that time.
You enjoy rap, you love hard bars, that about sums it up.
You enjoy your more recent rock, you tend to be a tad bit dark and carry a lot of angst.
You enjoy your classic rock, oldies but goodies.
You enjoy music that is simply soothing, you love ambient music that you can sit and relax to.
You simply love music in whatever form it comes in, as long as it pleases your ears it is good.
7Lastly, yet most importantly, jajahkfldajjfoiafjkld;ajfiophwelasdfjlkashfeopiqwjafklaj;fka;ld?

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