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Walmart Test #2
will you stay in walmart or get banned?
trivia quiz

1You are in the parking lot what do you do?
Dance on someones' car
Dance on my car
break stuff
walk to the entrance to walmart
Run around.
Rob someone
2You're by the carts, now what?
grab a cart and shop
Get in a cart and who ever comes by yell "push me!"
Dance in the cart
Paint the cart
3You are at the electronic area now what?
Break every thing
get what I need and continue
go near the employees and craw in your cart and yell "push me"
Get on the counter and dance while farting the alphabet
4your at the pet food area now what?
Dance on top of the shelf
Fart the alphabet by the fish aquarium
Break everything
Burp at everyone who goes by
Juggle glass fish tanks
Get in the fish aquarium
Get what I need
Yell the spongebob square pants song
5Your at the cooler area, now what?
Put people in the cooler
Get in the cooler and whenever someone comes by scream "I see you" from inside the cooler
Get what I need
Fart on all the food
6your at the check out now what?
Hand all my stuff to a random stranger and sing the spongebob squarepants song
Fart as load as you can
Give my stuff to the cashier
7your in the parking lot again now what?
Fart the alphabet
Get on my vehicle and dance
unload my stuff and put the cart where it goes
put the whole cart in my vehicle then step on the gas
put my stuff in my vehicle then put the cart in someone random's car

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